Take the Family Mealtime Challenge!

Revamp your meal routine and connect with your family!  Take the Family Mealtime Challenge!

Eating meals together is one of the best ways to build connections, strengthen relationships, and share family values. You can use what you learn in the challenge for years to come.

The Health and Wellness Collaborative brings together many organizations, in partnership with Allina Health and South Washington County Schools, to foster better ways for families to connect over a meal.  Over the past 4 years we’ve been in nine schools, and we want everyone in our community to take part!

The Family Mealtime Challenge is simple – we want to help you increase the quality of food and the quality of connection during mealtime.  You can do this anywhere – with your family, with friends and neighbors, grandparents, scout troops, on vacation, at home!  It’s free and we give you everything you need.