Woodbury THRIVES

A community initiative aimed at improving the health of residents.

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Coffee Tea Walk

Join Us for Exercise and Making New Friends!

The first Coffee, Tea & Walk for Free was a huge success. Join us for The Indoor Winter Walk session on February 1.

Woodbury THRIVES

We all know that health of a community is affected by more than parks, trails and recreational facilities. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation suggests that healthy behaviors, access to and quality of clinical care, social and economic factors (like education, employment, income and community safety) and physical environment (air and water quality, housing and transit) all contribute to length and quality of life. Long term success in a healthy community comes from grassroots efforts involving our citizens, our churches, non-profit organizations, city and county government and businesses.

We believe that health involves an entire community collectively oriented toward being healthy and staying healthy.

About Woodbury THRIVES

Woodbury THRIVES is a collaborative effort to look at and respond to factors that define and impact health in our community.

You should also know…

Woodbury THRIVES is a community initiative aimed at improving the health of residents in the broadest of ways: physical health, spiritual and emotional well-­being and financial health. Events and services will help residents grow in health and financial literacy, improve healthy behaviors, and together promote Woodbury as a health and wellness community.

The benefits will include healthier families, a more vibrant source of employees for economic development, and better access to services that help citizens adopt a lifestyle of health and well-being.